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Reflexology, Bowen Technique EFT and Complementary Therapy in Kent near Sevenoaks, West Kingsdown , Eynsford, Swanley, Orpington, Dartford

Lesley O'Rourke at Body 'n' Sole Therapies offers a range of complementary therapies, including Reflexology, Bowen Technique, EFT and Reiki

Lesley O'Rourke at Body 'n' Sole Therapies offers a range of complementary therapies including Reflexology, Bowen Technique, EFT and Reiki and is based in Knatts Valley, within easy reach of Sevenoaks, West Kingdown, Eynsford, Orpington, Swanley and Dartford.

Many people find that complementary therapy is really beneficial to their well-being.

People seek complementary therapy in Kent for a variety of health conditions, including headaches and migraines, fertility, muscular-skeletal pain, frozen shoulder, knee problems, anxiety and depression, IBS and digestive issues, CPOD and breathing problems, impaired immune name but a few!

Lesley is very passionate about the skills she has acquired to restore people to good health and also to maintain them in a state of well-being by stimulating the body's energy systems. One of her major interests is in trying to identify the underlying cause of any health problem, as this knowledge will enable her to find an effective solution.

People are often surprised to find that their health is adversely affected by stresses
in their life.

Treatments last between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours and the approach is holistic . Cost £35 Home visit £40


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As well as Reflexology, Bowen Technique and Reiki ,she is able to offer Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is also an advanced practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Although Bowen Technique isn't as well known as some other treatments for back pain, people are usually surprised at how quickly they get relief from their symptoms. Bowen Technique is frequently used for the following conditions:

Back pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Tennis elbow
Carpal tunnel
MS ......and many more conditions!

Click to see conditions helped by Bowen Technique Technique and testimonials

People are often unaware that stresses and negativity in their lives can cause physical, as well as emotional illnesses. EFT is an energy based therapy and works very powerfully to unblock the blocks. These sessions can be held remotely via Zoom or Whatsapp.

Your Immune System

For the last few years Lesley has been developing an understanding of the immune system and has been investigating natural ways of improving the function of the immune system. Many people do not realise that we are exposed to a range of toxins in our daily lives, so once we have identified them, it is possible to find ways to protect ourselves from them or eliminate them and sometimes we need to make lifestyle changes. So, if you find that you get frequent infections or wounds take a while to heal, you might like to try exploring this route.

Lesley's blog

Covid 19 has affected many people's access to health care, so Lesley is currently starting a blog to keep you informed of other ways of dealing with health issues. She starts with her own experience of having an abcess and being unable to access a dentist.
Next is ways of dealing with osteoarthritis.
Acid reflux
Muscle testing
The immune system

If you need help with any issue, feel free to contact Lesley by phone or email.


The practice is in Kent within easy reach of , Sevenoaks, West Kingsdown, Eynsford, Orpington,Swanley and Dartford .

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