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Reflexology #01


Treatment price: £30

What is it?

Most people know that Reflexology is a foot massage, but fewer people know that all the different organs and parts of your body can be accessed on your feet and hands and the sensitive fingers of the experienced Reflexologist are able to detect imbalances in your body by the altered texture of certain areas of your feet. By paying particular attention to these areas, the Reflexologist is able to restore the body to good working order.

Who can benefit from treatment?

Almost anyone can benefit from Reflexology.It improves circulation, helps with breathing and digestive problems,and many other conditions and with the elimination of waste and toxins.For people suffering from serious illnesses, the quality of their lives can be improved.Reflexologists do not diagnose and the treatment does not interfere with any medication that you might be taking.

Lesley trained as a Reflexologist in 1997 with the International Institute of Reflexology and has, since then, worked on many feet in work places, care homes, hospices and her own premises. She has also trained in VRT and Advanced Reflexology Techniques with Tony Porter who is a well-known and highly successful Reflexologist.

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