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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Treatment price: £30

What is it?

Those who have seen Paul McKenna perform on the TV will have seen him successfully work on many people suffering from anxiety disorders. Most of his viewers are unaware that there are many physical and emotional conditions that EFT can put right as well.

If you can understand the notion that, when we have a negative thought, it creates a negative emotion and that this causes a blockage in our energy system, ie the meridians. The meridians are channels of energy that pass through our body, the same channels that acupuncturists access with their needles to stimulate or sedate the flow of energy.It is the blockages in the meridians that cause physical and emotional health problems and by tapping on these meridians it is possible to remove the blockages to allow the energy to flow freely again and to restore the body to good health.So, EFT can be used to treat physical pain and illnesses as well as emotional health problems and beliefs.

EFT is a form of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, we tap with the fingertips on certain meridian points to stimulate the energy system while the client focusses his mind on the problem. This helps to release the stuck energy and removes the actual cause of our negative emotions.

EFT has also been found to give relief for a wide range of physical symptoms because there is a definite link between our physical illnesses and our emotional issue

You can be taught how to perform EFT on youself and your family so that you can work on yourself whenever you have any emotional issues or negative thoughts.

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