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10th October 2020 MY TOOTH ABCESS

I had tried to contact my dental practice a few weeks earlier as a tooth that the dentist had built up, was breaking away. It was an automated service and I was told that I could only speak to the dentist if it was an emergency, and I would need to press 2 to request a phone call. Nothing happened when I pressed 2, so after a while I gave up and crossed my fingers!
On the 9th, I felt discomfort alongside my nose and the next day my face was swollen. Saturday is not the easiest day to find a dentist so I dialled the NHS emergency dental service. I was asked a few questions and it was decided that I wasn't in enough pain to speak to a dentist. I'm not very good at putting it on! When I have had abcesses in the past, I tend to get throbbing, but not excrutiating pain as a lot of my teeth have had the nerves removed. But, it makes me feel unwell, and then of course, I do get the swelling. My daughter suggested I try homeopathy and luckily I had a homeopathic first aid kit. After some research I tried BELLADONNA which made the swollen face hot and red. After a while, when progress seemed to be slowing, I changed to SILICA which is supposed to drain abcesses. I started feeling quite unwell, unwilling to chat and feeling quite tearful. Then the shivering started for an hour or more until I vomited. We were getting worried at this point that the infection might be getting into my bloodstream, but after a couple of hours I realised that it had been a while since I had needed a painkiller and that I was feeling a lot better. It took me a while to realise that I had experienced a healing crisis and was on the mend. The discomfort had disappeared and I felt fine the next day, although my face was still swollen. I took just 2 silica tablets during the day and they were the last I needed. By Monday, the swelling had almost gone.
I made an appointment to see a private dentist for Tuesday. They weren't seeing NHS patients during this time. The consultation cost £75 and it was a very thorough check and the dentist explained the Xray to me, showed me the infection around the root and outlined my options, which were root canal work over 2 sessions, costing £500, extraction costing £130 or wait and see.
I decided to think about it. When I reached the town I bought two essential oils from the health food shop. Oil of oregano is supposed to be very effective at dealing with root canal infections, along with oil of cloves.
I used just one drop of each on food and by the second day I could feel that the infection had moved down from the root.

27th OCTOBER 2020
Looking back over the years, say 20 to 25 years, I hadn't recognised the signs of the start of arthritis, I recall, over 20 years ago, getting out of my sailing dinghy and telling a club member, that I didn't feel quite as comfortable on the left side of the boat, as I did on the right. "That's how my arthritis started," she said. And of course, I ignored this although it has stayed in the back of my mind. In my late 40s, I was sent for an Xray for lower back pain and I was told that there was wear and tear. I was sent to a very good physio, and with a combination of manipulation and exercises, I soon recovered. It was only about 5 years ago that I started getting low back pain at times, and then I realised I had restricted movements around my right leg and hip. Daily Bowen was working ok, but I shouldn't have needed it daily. I tried some acupuncture, but that didn't work, and neither did the osteopathy. Eventually I found a very talented physio. A combination of physio, along with dietary changes really helped and a lot of the movement I had lost was restored. I continue to do the exercises daily. I found that the arthritis was aggravated by the nightshades: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers,aubergines. seem to be able to eat them again now that I'm eating pineapple daily. Pineapple contains bromelain. Milk and yogurt also seemed to aggravate it. As natural anti-inflammatories, I have used cider vinegar, turmeric with black pepper and aloe vera. About 3 weeks ago, I stared taking a probiotic, bifido lactis, which seems to have stopped the inflammation, so I don't seem to need the anti-inflammatories any more. However, the wear and tear will still be there so I will keep on with the exercises. And the good thing is that I can now lie in bed in comfort! It was quite painful.

1st December 2010

It was quite by accident that I discovered how well pineapple works for acid reflux. The reflux hadn't been a problem for me until quite recently and the trigger seemed to be wheat. Pineapple had not been a part of my daily diet, but I noticed the relief from reflux very soon after eating some. It is now part of my daily diet, and when I can't get it fresh, I buy pineapple juice. I have low hydrochloric acid levels, so I guess there is a connection between reflux and low stomach acid. Notably, most of the medicines for acid reflux actually lower stomach acid, so it's probably best to try pineapple first. The active ingredient in pineapple is bromelain and hydrochloric acid levels tend to diminish with age, causing digestive issues.

Mucle testing is generally used by kinesiologists to identify the best solution to health problems as there isn't a one solution that suits everybody. Lesley uses muscle testing in her practice.

24th April 2021
I was in conversation with my daughter yesterday and her concerns about "long covid". She knows a few people who have been diagnosed with this, having previously been very fit and jogging every day. I've seen a number of people develop long term symptoms after being ill. For example, it is not uncommon for people to develop chronic fatigue after glandular fever.

The very fit jogger may not be as fit as she seems to be. People are generally unaware that we live in a very toxic world and that it is important for your health to reduce exposure to toxins. So, in our houses, most of us have a range of chemical cleansing agents, then we put chemical body care products onto our skin. These are assimilated into our bloodstream through our pores.The food we eat is probably laced with insecticides, chemical additives and preservatives. Indoors and outdoors, we are exposed to chemicals, heavy metals and electro=magnetic frequencies. It is assumed that our bodies can cope with these.
From my point of view, I have been very aware of all these toxins, so in consequence, I reduce my exposure and often use crystals as protection. I haven't visited a doctor for 17 years but know that I need to be careful in the Orchard Theatre and on aeroplanes. When I flew to Beijing about 3 years ago, I could hardly speak when I reached my destination. I had a sore throat and a cough. It may be the air conditioning in both places that causes the problem.Luckily, I have a solution: lymphatic drainage removes the toxins.

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